Treehouse App Support


Anyone over the age of 13 in the United States, with an Android or iOS mobile device, can download and use Treehouse apps.

No, currently all features of Treehouse Family Organizer and Treehouse Table Meal Planner are available at no cost. There may be offers presented that allow you to make purchases through partners, but the use of the application is free.

Treehouse asks a series of questions to learn more about each to user to help provide more relevant content.

Treehouse complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA) and does not knowingly target children under the age of 13 with online advertising.

Treehouse Family Organizer and Treehouse Table Meal Planner leverage location based information, including zip code, to provide services such as weather, local events and grocery store listings.

Treehouse apps are available on both Android and iOS wireless phones. Tablet and Web versions may be available in the future.


You can manually create a profile or use the Facebook login to establish a new account. Once created, you may log in by providing your email address and password.

In the application, select edit profile in the left-hand menu.

If you forgot your password or would like to change your password, log out of the application. Select ‘Sign in’ and then ‘Forgot Password’. You will be prompted for your email address and will receive an email to change your password.

Treehouse Family Organizer Support


A Group is a collection of people (such as your family) that shares and works together in Treehouse. You may have multiple groups for different purposes such as a family group, extended family group, book club, etc.

Under the Group tab, select ‘Create Group’. Once you have named your Group, you can invite people through email or by selecting a contact in your phone. You may also invite members in existing groups.

Sometimes you want a place to hold your private to-dos or calendar events. If you don’t want to share with anyone, select your ‘Just Me’ group.


Each Group shares a calendar to help everyone keep connected. Your calendar will show events from all of your Groups. You may view your calendar in a day or month view. You must associate an event with one Group.

You have the ability to select a start and an end date, a time, and even toggle to all day events.

Treehouse has created some common event types to help better organize your events. Note that it is not required to select an event type.

In the left hand drop down menu, select ‘Settings’ then ‘Get Calendars’. This will allow you to import any calendar on your device and associate it with a specific group.


To-dos are a great way to share the load. Each to-do list is shared with a designated Group. To-do lists help you outline the important things you need to make to-dones. You will see some starter to-do lists just for you.

Select the + symbol in the upper right corner on the to-do list screen. Select which Group you’d like to share it with and name your list.

You can add to-dos quickly by selecting the ‘Add To-Do’ at the bottom of a list. You can select a created to-do and select ‘Edit’ to add additional detail such as ‘Assigned to’, ‘Congratulatory Message’, ‘Description’ or ‘Due Date’.

Use this field to encourage people once they have completed the assigned task. Tell your children “Thank you so much! Come to the Kitchen for Ice Cream!” once they clean their room.


The Feed is the center of action in Treehouse. Here you can post messages and photos, or comment on other posts.

When you post, you must select a Group with which to share. Only that Group has the ability to see your post. Your feed may contain post from all of you Groups, or you can filter to only view one Group.

Yes. Select your post and select the menu in the top right, then select ‘Delete’. For comments, you can select ‘Delete’ on the comment.

Treehouse Table Meal Planner Support

Home Screen

Your home screen lets you know tonight’s dinner plan. It also provides suggestions of other dishes you might like and gives you an option to rate the last meal you had.

Meal Plan

One of the coolest features of Treehouse Table Meal Planner is the ability to take all the things you and your family like and don’t like and couple it with your budget, cooking ability, and local store sales to give you an amazing meal plan. We know it takes a few minutes, but it’s worth it. Select the Group from Treehouse that you want to plan meals with and you can work together to shop and cook.

Everything starts with a shopping trip. When you tell Treehouse Table Meal Planner when you want to shop, then you can select the days you want a dinner plan for. Change the meal plan as much as you like and the shopping list automatically updates.

No problem, Treehouse Table Meal Planner is all about being flexible. Select the three dots at the right of a meal and get a new recommendation, replace it with one of you favorites, or choose from a variety of other options.

We understand, sometimes you need a break. You can remove a meal and mark that you are dining out. From the home screen, you can access Yelp for help with a recommendation.


Recipes allow you to search thousands of options by ingredient, or browse by category. You can add them to your favorites and to your meal plan.

You can always add your own recipes by selecting the + sign in the upper right corner on the Recipe tab. Add a title, photo, ingredients and instructions. It will be saved to your favorites so you can add it to your meal plan any time.

Using the same + button at the top right on the Recipe tab, select ‘Import From Pinterest’. You will be asked for your login credentials and Treehouse Table Meal Planner will automatically identify pins that are recipes. This relies on very specific fields so sometimes it won’t pull all recipes, but we’ve found it works most of the time.


Shopping is where it all starts. Select your preferred store, date and which days you’d like a plan and a shopping trip will be created. It starts with shopping so that Treehouse Table Meal Planner can take advantage of any local sales.

We know sometimes people like a shopping routine. The Weekly Trip feature will automatically create a new trip each week with meals on the day you specify. You can always adjust, add, or subtract from your weekly trip and meal plan. You can also even schedule another trip for that unexpected change.

The shopping list has all the ingredients you need to cook your meal plan. It can be organized by aisle or recipe. Also, you can add items to your list not in your meal plan. We will categorize them if we can, or you can do it manually.

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