About Our Family

We know families come in all shapes and sizes, and we know that staying connected in today’s busy world can be challenging. Our goal is not just to help families find more time, but to help them have more time well-spent. We built Treehouse Family Organizer and Treehouse Table Meal Planner, the two best family apps around, to accomplish that goal. Working together seamlessly, these apps help busy families stay connected and make all the meals, moments and must-dos come together like magic.

Treehouse Family Organizer

There is only one constant in family life: it is BUSY. Keeping on top of what’s going on and staying connected in the day-to-day can be hard. We knew there was a better way to keep everybody on the same page.

So we built Treehouse Family Organizer: a family app designed to make busy family life just a little bit easier. We built it because we believe that real life is better when you’re connected to the people that matter most. With Treehouse Family Organizer, you can stay in touch at home or on the go.

Treehouse Table Meal Planner

Nothing allows you to connect with those you love like spending time together over a delicious meal. But we know that all the planning, preferences, coupon-clipping and shopping can make meal time stressful, time consuming and expensive.

Treehouse Table Meal Planner is designed to put the joy back in meal time by giving your family ideas for the whole week. We built it because we believe that meal time is a chance to feed and nourish yourself and the ones you love. With Treehouse Table, you’ll always have an easy answer to, “What’s for dinner?”

Have ideas about how to make our family apps better? Just want to send us a love note? Got a great joke to tell? We love hearing from you. Feel free to drop us a line!

-The Treehouse Team

Our Mission & Vision

Create solutions that simplify and enhance the things families need to allow them to confidently tackle anything. We are committed to knowing the moments and things that matter most to families and giving them tools that help them:

  • Work better and smarter together
  • Stay better connected
  • Stretch their dollar further
  • Save time and stress so you have the energy to focus on what is important
  • Inspire people to try new things
  • Make meal time meaningful

Our Core Values

Our core values are foundational to how we operate, both at Treehouse and in life. We believe our families and teams work best when we live by the following values:

Together is Better – Our lives are a juggling act, and no matter if we’re near or far, getting things done is easier and better when our teams and our families can be on the same page and share the load.

Hurray for Us, We, I & Me – We take time to celebrate successes big and small, and support and advocate for each other when life hands out lemons. We also understand the need for “me time”, and believe in taking it when you need it.

Keep Learning and Growing – Our teams and families work best when they include a diverse thoughts, ideas, perspectives and people. These provide opportunities to learn that enable us to grow and achieve more.

Spend Wisely – We take seriously the ability to spend our time, energy, and money on the things that matter most, knowing that it can make all the difference in life.

YOUR Family YOUR People – We firmly believe that families come in all shapes, sizes and types. We value and appreciate that diversity knowing that your family, no matter how you define it, is your people.

Your Privacy

Treehouse takes your privacy very seriously. Your information is always protected when you use our applications. We may share aggregated non-identifiable data to provide more relevant selections and content, but we value you and work tirelessly to keep your data safe.

If you have suggestions about our family apps, we’re interested in hearing from you. Please contact us at support@thetreehouseapp.com